a trading company

for recycled plastics and waste paper

" Since 2006, we source materials

from trustable producers

and suppliers all over Europe.  

We have become a valued strategic partner

for recycling factories worldwide.

We aim for atmospheres of friendship and trust,

and never promise things we can't achieve.

I strongly believe that

good business doesn't have to be tough."

Philippe Nauwelaers

CEO & Owner

Company backgroud

PET bottle collection in Zhejiang, China

The present

Entering the 2020's, many things change.  Whereas our sales focus in the early years was mainly on the Asian market, we mainly divide our efforts over Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Still, our philosophy remains unchanged.


We want no risks for our partners: suppliers or customers, shipping agents or truckers.  

We therefore comply with all legislations,

in all circumstances.

We believe we have every right to say that RECYFINinternational is a trustworthy partner:

  • For waste producers all over Europe,from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, from East to West.
  • For customers, who can always count on precisely defined quality and steady deliveries.  

Our aim is:

long term business - no surprises

and above all: no headaches!

The early years

Having worked for a Chinese group of recycling factories in Zhejiang Province, P.R. of China, and several years in a baling company in Belgium before that, we start our company in January 2006.  We install our head offices in Belgium, at about half an hour from the Port of Antwerp.

Mainly focusing on exports to Far East Asia,

with direct access to numerous mills, RECYFINinternational immediately shows strong growth figures and soon acquires the

"License of Registration for Overseas Supplier Enterprise of Imported Scrap Materials"

from the

Chinese State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ);

a license only given to companies with a proven track record of high quality materials and maintained standards.

it feels pretty amazing

when doing business can help save the environment

we totally love our job!



We also trade other items such as metal beverage cans, silicone, rubber

how it works


Having over 20 years of experience, RECYFINinternational can easily take over the risk,

transportation and export formalities for your product.  

It starts before we come to load: we consult and help suppliers maximize revenues by on-site optimizing.  

We know the market prices and will always follow the general movement.  

If you would like to check our conditions or schedule an on-site visit, simply contact us.


Our experts organize a timely collection of your materials, if you desire to sell ex works.  

We only work with trucking companies and shipping agents that have a proven track record of trustability and punctuality.  

If desirable or necessary, we take materials in stock.  We can buy materials based on any incoterm.

To our customers, we guarantee a daily open communication, timely shipments

and correct documents, along with rigid quality tracing prior to embarkation.


"Sounds great, but at the end of the day, it's all about the money" - right? 

Payments should never be an issue.

 Over the 15 years of our existence, we have zero overdue outstandings.  

And we take big pride in that.


Our intention is to give constant, trustable solutions to our suppliers - regardless of market circumstances.  

Our customers receive origin codes for every delivered material, so that quality tracing

from source to recycled product is possible.  

This way, we can guarantee a correct price level in the long run.


Sure, every start is difficult.  

But even with your oldest customer or supplier, you once did a first deal.

Give us a chance to prove ourselves, you won't regret it.



is a renowned and stable partner since 2006

operates in over 50 countries worldwide

has partnerships with over 300 customers and suppliers

only cooperates with renowned and reliable trucking and logistics companies

has an unsolved claim rate of 0

has overdue outstanding invoices of 0eur