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RECYFINInternational NV/SA

secondary raw materials





Recyfin International NV/SA  exports waste plastic and waste paper from all over Europe to the Far East


we have well over a decade of experience in recycling


we have regular suppliers, stable qualities, 

maintain a strict and steady quality supervision

and cooperate directly with overseas factories on a long term basis



we will never intend to be the biggest player on the market

but value trust, stability and honest partnership




In case you have any information request,

please feel free to contact us:

tel  +32 473385533

fax +32 33 835 834

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Recyfin International NV/SA exports waste plastic and waste paper of various grades. 


The grades are both post industrial and post consumer, but we will always only export materials that are allowed by both the country of origin and the country of destination.


In most cases we send material from one source to only a limited number of overseas factories, in order to allow quality monitoring.




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